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Domestic abuse: the role of an experienced criminal defense attorney

Maybe it didn't really happen that way. Perhaps the "facts" were twisted, with authorities too quickly jumping on the bandwagon of a perceived victim who is actually -- through calculating and manipulative behavior -- a victimizer. Maybe police and prosecutors are being unfairly influenced by immediate perceptions based on sexual stereotypes.

Such is the realm of domestic violence, an always volatile area of the law that is sometimes rendered even murkier by the inability of examiners to probe with real accuracy and impartiality into the details of allegations surrounding alleged acts of abuse.

We noted domestic violence in North Carolina in our immediately preceding blog post, pointing out in our January 15 entry that, "The potential for evidence to be fabricated by an unstable and vindictive "victim" is all to frequent" and that "he said, she said" scenarios often play out with spiraling complexity before state judges.

We amplify on that a bit today, directing readers to a relevant page of our Mecklenburg County criminal law website that discuses domestic violence charges and defenses. As we make quite clear on that page, initial impressions regarding a violence scenario can be highly misleading. In fact, they can be altogether wrong.

And criminal law authorities can -- and do -- in some instances quickly rely upon those impressions to bring charges against an accused party.

The repercussions of that can obviously be severe. Jail time can result. Child visitation norms might be revisited. A restraining order might issue. Adverse consequences could result at work. A social stigma absolutely attaches to a domestic abuse charge. For non-U.S. citizens, deportation is a distinct possibility.

Our law firm provides aggressive and focused legal representation to both men and women who have been accused of domestic violence, knowing that the consequences can be severe and that diligent legal advocacy can sometimes make a material difference in a case outcome.

We welcome readers' scrutiny of our website and the opportunity to respond to questions and concerns.

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