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Traffic tickets: Pay or challenge?

Drivers everywhere, every single day get pulled over for speeding or other moving violations and are ticketed.

Many simply pay the ticket and move on. After all, the officer just told them it was the wisest move. But is it? Should people always just pay their traffic tickets without thinking twice?

No, and here's why.

An /Criminal-Law/Traffic-Violations/Do-I-Need-Lawyer-For-Traffic.shtml. Officers have a conflict of interest and people should always be wary of taking their advice.

If a police officer tells a driver to simply pay the ticket, the officer is essentially telling that driver to plead guilty to the offense.

And, depending on the circumstance, pleading guilty can cause a whole host of other problems than just the cost of the citation.

A hike in insurance rates is the most common. It's not unlikely for an individual to pay $1000 more a year in auto insurance premiums for a simple speeding ticket.

A loss of a job or employment prospect is also another possible repercussion. Many employers today do extensive criminal background checks. Depending on the traffic citation, an applicant could lose out on a job prospect despite having stellar qualifications for the position.

Before paying that traffic ticket, individuals should really consider seeking the guidance of a criminal defense lawyer to find out the best course of action to take for specific circumstances. A lawyer can help mitigate potential problems in both the short term and years to come.

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