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A topical look at the NFL and domestic violence

Any individual in North Carolina who comes into contact with law enforcement regarding a suspected crime will immediately feel the unequivocal seriousness of the matter and the broad power of state authorities to act.

The potential repercussions to a criminal suspect in Mecklenburg County or elsewhere across the state are many and dire. Because the stakes can be high, we note on a relevant page of our criminal defense website at the Law Office of Christopher Connelly the obvious need for any person being questioned by police to "protect your rights."

That admonition is urgently conveyed, given the many adverse possibilities that can follow from a criminal conviction. Some of those are immediately obvious, like incarceration, the heavy exaction of fines and other penalties, harsh probationary terms and so on.

Other possibilities might not be so readily apparent. A stigma can easily attach to a criminal matter. Professional and other licenses can be lost. Family relationships can be altered by judicial action (in the case of domestic violence, for example).

And, livelihoods can be jeopardized by the conditions that are imposed as a result of some types of convictions.

The above-cited domestic abuse is a case in point, interestingly, with the National Football League underscoring how employment prospects can be threatened by a domestic violence conviction or other sexual assault-related matter.

Professional football players comprise a privileged class in the United States (at least from a financial standpoint), but it turns out that they are no different from anybody else when it comes to the potential for their livelihood to be threatened by a criminal conviction.

A leading league official recently announced a new NFL policy, namely this: Prospects invited to the league's important annual scouting combine or any other NFL-related event will in the future be barred from participation if they have either a felony or misdemeanor conviction for domestic abuse, sexual assault of a weapons offense.

That piece of news is instructive in a general way that emphasizes the need for any individual -- whatever his or her field of employment -- to secure legal assistance aimed at mitigating the adverse consequences of a criminal charge to the fullest extent possible.

A criminal suspect's career could literally depend on that.

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