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Blowing a high BAC in North Carolina blows major cash, too

Talk about your disparities.

Reportedly, the median increase jump in the auto insurance rate for a Colorado motorist convicted of drunk driving is 17.9 percent.

In North Carolina (if a drum roll was ever justified, it's right here) that figure is, uh, well ... 308.9 percent.

And, yes, you read that right. That stunning hike can only be described as harshly punitive, with one research analyst quoted in a media article discussing post-DWI/DUI insurance premium increases saying that it makes North Carolina the "costliest state" in the country for convicted drunk drivers.

Of course, drivers from every state dealing with the aftermath of a "driving while under the influence" or "driving while impaired" conviction confront a smorgasbord of pricey exactions levied upon them by motor vehicle officials and courts. Those include bail, towing, various costs and fees, payment for an ignition interlock device, outlays for required participation in mandatory educational programs and more.

The most "more" attaches to insurance, which, as noted above, skyrockets in North Carolina. The aforementioned researcher cites the state's Safety Driving Incentive Plan, which, as he notes, "penalizes drivers with DWI/DUIs and calls for increasing rates by over 300%."

The "average" person unquestionably feels that sting. In fact, a draconian penalty like that can break the proverbial bank in more than a few instances and yield dire consequences for an individual or family.

A proven North Carolina criminal defense attorney with a deep well of experience representing clients facing drinking-related charges knows the potential consequences in any given case, and will make best efforts to mitigate those adverse consequences to the greatest degree possible.

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