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Here's what North Carolina cops, prosecutors hope you don't think

We'll just curb the suspense regarding any speculation that the above-posed headline might engender and get straight to the point: What law enforcement investigators and officials in North Carolina and everywhere else across the United States hope for in any given case is the meek and continuing acquiescence to questioning of any person they have detained and are interrogating -- without that individual's request for a criminal defense attorney.

Let's just say that individual is you.

To put it bluntly, when any cop or prosecutor is talking to you (it could be concerning a drug-related matter, sex offense, theft incident or a hundred other things), they're fervently hoping that you're NOT thinking this: I need a lawyer, and right now.

Because you likely do if you're being subjected to questioning regarding a criminal offense, at any time in the process.

As we note on a relevant page of our criminal defense website at the Mecklenburg County Law Office of Christopher Connelly, many people might understandably believe that they only need proven legal counsel on board from the point that a formal criminal charge is filed.

Sadly, that is far from the truth, and it is a misconception that law enforcers rely upon and firmly hope is on display in every case.

In fact, a person being questioned regarding a crime has a fundamental need for an attorney's presence at even the pre-charge stage of any investigation.

And it's obvious why that is true. Without counsel present, a suspect can be subjected to an onslaught of questioning. He or she can be tricked, manipulated, cajoled or made illusory promises to. Or hemmed into a story that may box you out of a using a particular defense later on.  Law enforcers questioning you are not your friend. Your interests are adverse, not mutually aligned.

But what if you are innocent, have nothing to hide or they "just want to hear your side of the story"?  All the more reason to not talk to law enforcement and have a lawyer talk for you.

For myriad reasons, we note on our website that it "is rarely to your advantage to admit anything to law enforcement."

At least not outside the presence of an experienced criminal defense attorney who is working on your behalf and has a legal duty to advocate unstintingly in a manner that fully promotes your best interests.

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