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Domestic violence: facts, not allegations, are most important

An online overview discussing one tangent of criminal law refers to "the other end of the victim spectrum," which is a telling comment that we pick up on and address with a bit of detail in today's blog post.

The "other end" targets individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere who unjustifiably find themselves as criminal suspects alleged of some wrongdoing.

Obviously, they need strong legal help from a proven and aggressive defense attorney.

And that need can be compellingly obvious and material when they are wrongly accused of domestic violence.

It happens, and people who work in the criminal justice system know that false allegations of abuse occur with some frequency.

When they do, an innocent person under the spotlight can suffer incalculable damage. For starters, and as noted in the above primer, that damage can be "reputational," which can have bring a stigmatizing result of devastating consequences.

And, obviously, a wrongful conviction can yield stark criminal and civil penalties, including incarceration, loss of parental custodial rights and additional exactions.

An experienced attorney can closely investigate a domestic abuse allegation and, when possible, craft a sound and tailored legal strategy to defend against it.

Maybe you were simply misidentified.

Or -- and this is hardly a singular occurrence, as noted above -- someone wrongfully accused you with malice to gain some advantage in a family law case.

Or maybe you were responding out of a need to defend yourself. Sometimes "victims" are actually aggressors in domestic violence matters.

Although there are obvious thorns in the American criminal justice system, the aforementioned article also points to "the beauty of our legal system."

What it means by that is this: When a falsely accused individual secures the timely assistance of an experienced attorney, he or she has an ally who can fully probe the weaknesses of an allegation and aggressively pursue the best -- that is, a just -- outcome in a case.

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