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Driver's license suspended? Take it seriously

Driving while you know that your license is suspended is a risk you do not want to take. It starts out as a ride to the grocery store without your license. You eventually start driving cautiously without it, and eventually, you completely forget that you have this problem that you need to take care of. Just like most extremely bad situations, everything is fine until it isn't.

One day, completely oblivious to your suspended license despite your promises to yourself, you roll through a stop sign. All of a sudden you hear sirens in your back window. You feel flush, because you know that everything has just caught up to you. What's worse, this situation could have been avoided.

How a license can be suspended in North Carolina

Although your license can be suspended by an accumulation of points on your driving record (12 points within a three-year period), you may face an immediate suspension for the following reasons:

· Speeding well above the limit

· Reckless driving

· A DWI conviction

· Refusing to take a breath or a blood test

The consequences of a suspended license in North Carolina

Once your license is suspended in North Carolina, it is on your official permanent record. You will not be able to drive for an extended period of time, time that will only increase if you are caught driving during the term of the suspension. In order to reinstate your driving privileges, you may have to meet the requirements of a court as well as reapply for the license, which includes paying restoration fees and possibly taking another driving test. Other possible repercussions may include:

· One-year suspension for the first DWI offense

· Four-year suspension for the second DWI offense

· Permanent suspension for the third DWI offense

· One-year suspension for death by vehicle, misdemeanor conviction

· Permanent suspension for death by vehicle, felony conviction

· Sixty-day suspension for speeding and reckless driving simultaneously

· Three-year suspension for intentional racing

· One-year suspension for speeding at least 15 mph over a 55 mph limit while avoiding arrest

The benefits of an attorney in a suspended license case

Having a professional represent you in court can save your license. In some cases, the charges may be completely dropped or reduced. If your license is already suspended, an experienced attorney may be able to renegotiate for limited or full driving privileges through a Motion for Appropriate Relief. Even if you have habitual DWI or DUI convictions, the right attorney can work with the court for a Limited Driving privilege in some circumstances.

The right attorney can also negotiate with the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf to reinstate your license through a hearing.

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