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CMPD criminal database: You don't want to be on it

Do you like to stand out in a crowd?

That is, do you like to be readily differentiated from others in ways that instantly put a spotlight on your life, activities and personal behavior?

Admittedly, that can be nice; everybody has an ego, and most people want to be recognized in certain ways.

Establishing a cut-off point regarding how much you want to be "out there" can certainly be a good idea, though, especially in cases where an increased presence can yield more pain than pleasure.

And when the people looking at you are police officers.

If you are a Charlotte resident with a criminal record, you might want to be apprised of a database that has been developed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. A recent media focus on the database says that it provides CMPD officers with "a new tool at their fingerprints" allowing for the quick identification and tracking of select individuals.

Thousands of people, actually. The soon-to-be-launched database will include personal information on individuals with a previous history of assault. As a tool, its perceived utility for officers resides in its ability to focus upon so-called "priority offenders" who might reasonably be charged by prosecutors with the crime of habitual misdemeanor assault. Conviction on that criminal count can potentially yield a prison term of more than one year.

A commentator in the above-cited article stresses that the tool will lead to more felony charges being filed, especially in domestic violence matters.

Questions or concerns about any aspect of a criminal law investigation or charge in Mecklenburg County can be directed to a proven Charlotte criminal defense attorney.

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