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Police report upward tick in criminal activity in Charlotte

Criminal activity is on the upswing in Charlotte.

So say Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officials, who stress an increased volume of crime over the past year across several categories.

One local media outlet makes reference to the term "crime sprees" in a recent article focusing on police reports of wrongdoing across the city. That article also uses the word "alarming" to denote what it terms "a huge raise [sic] in the crime rate" locally.

Such language might have some basis in fact, of course, but it is also worth noting how frequently employed such emotionally laden expressions are when used in connection with crime-related stories.

Every community in the United States deals with criminal activity to some degree, of course, with Charlotte and Mecklenburg County hardly being expected. Notwithstanding that reality, however, local residents might reasonably question whether a statistical bump upward in crime-related statistics qualifies as a "crime spree."

To cite some specific data, police reports allege an 18-percent spike in robberies and a 17-percent rise in vehicle thefts in Charlotte, respectively, over the past one-year period.

Notably, much of the criminal activity is reportedly confined within a single area, namely, Universal City, where police point to car theft as being an especially material concern.

Given that virtually every resident (minus, perhaps, a few disturbed souls) wants a safe community, it is of course a salutary thing that law enforcement officials vigorously investigate and prosecute wrongdoing.

In doing so, though, it is equally important to a community that such measures are carried out in an atmosphere of calmness and reason, without rhetoric that arguably inflames passions and clouds public judgments.

It is logical that we want to see dangerous individuals off the street and held accountable for criminal acts.

Conversely, it is equally logical why sound-thinking citizens would want any individual targeted in a criminal investigation to be adjudged innocent of any charge unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

A proven criminal defense criminal attorney plays a key role in ensuring such an outcome, which promotes fundamental fairness and generalized integrity in the American criminal justice system.

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