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Larceny and theft: a broad umbrella of illegal offenses

The terms "theft" and "larceny" are often used in media accounts spotlighting crime and alleged criminal activity in a broad and interchangeable way, and it understandable that such is the case.

At the core of either of those terms is a focus on the fraudulent taking of personal property belonging to a company or to another individual. A lack of consent is centrally implied.

A theft offense can span a truly wide universe of alleged and actual behaviors, ranging from snatch-and-grab street offenses and shoplifting to more sophisticated white collar offenses such as embezzlement, Larceny by Employee and mortgage/bank fraud.

A long-tenured criminal defense attorney who has a deep well of experience representing diverse clients fighting theft allegations can bring aggressive and knowledgeable advocacy in cases involving all those charges.

Unquestionably, theft is a commonly alleged criminal charge in North Carolina and everywhere else across the country. A recent Charlotte-based media report readily attests to the concerns of local law enforcement officials regarding what they say is a recent uptick in things like burglaries, Robberies (Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon) and purse snatchings (Common Law Robbery) across Mecklenburg County.

Notably, that article underscores a singular and quite specific concern of late, namely, thefts that have been occurring at medical facilities, with victims being both patients and health care employees.

In such an atmosphere, notes the above-cited media piece, "your guard is down, and that's why law enforcement says you could be an easy target."

Theft offenses can range widely in severity, being labeled as both misdemeanors and felonies.

Obviously, no one wants to be a theft target.

Neither, too, does any individual charged with a theft offense want to be challenged by the vast investigatory and enforcement powers of the state without having experienced legal counsel on hand to fully promote his or her legal rights.

Theft is a serious criminal charge. A proven defense attorney knows that and is resolute in ensuring that a client receives competent and tailored legal representation focused upon achieving an optimal case outcome.

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