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False Accusations Of Identity Theft Are On The Rise

In the 21st century, being accused or charged with a crime in North Carolina  does not necessarily mean being accused of theft or assault. A growing number of accused individuals in the state are facing identity theft charges - a different type of crime that may not involve physical or visible damage, but a charge or conviction can still have a significant impact on your life.


Accusations are on the rise because the real crooks are getting smarter

There are several factors contributing to the rise in identity theft crimes throughout the years. First and foremost, people are using electronic data - such as credit cards - in order to make most of their payments. In addition, many consumers do a significant amount of their shopping online, and they also are beginning to process the majority of their bills online. This has put the general public at an increased risk for data theft, despite the fact there are many security factors in place in order to minimize identity theft through online transactions.

At the same time, perpetrators have become increasingly clever when it comes to obtaining the personal information and financial data of others. Common ways these individuals try to obtain personal and financial information include:

  • Gaining illegal access to financial data through governmental entities or financial bodies. In many cases, criminals will use someone's Social Security Number, credit card information, personal information or PIN numbers.
  • Stealing personal items in order to uncover personal information. Identity thieves will often use stolen items, such as a purse or wallet, in order to get credit cards, identification and other information about an individual. They also may search through the mail in order to get this same information.

State and federal laws regarding identity theft

Throughout each state, there are different laws protecting the victims of identity theft. At the same time, it should be noted that identity theft has been a federal crime since 998, but penalties for identity theft crimes increased in 2004 when the Theft Penalty Enhancement Act was passed.

Information for those accused identity theft

Being accused of identity theft is a serious accusation. Regardless, defendants should be aware they have a constitutional right to have an experienced attorney present while being questioned. For those who have been falsely accused, this will avoid accidental confessions to a crime that the defendant did not commit. In addition, having an attorney present will minimize the chances of making a statement that might result in stiff penalties, such as financial penalties or incarceration.

IFurthermore, a criminal defense attorney can work with prosecutors to negotiate a deal on your behalf. These deals will often result in markedly reduced prison time or financial penalties. 

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of an identity theft or any white collar crime, you need to know that you are not alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help provide the strongest defense possible. When you hire a qualified attorney who specializes in identity theft, you will get the best outcome possible.

Don't wait to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in identity theft. This is the best way to ensure that you get the information you need about facing these charges. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to create a customized legal plan of action that will help you move forward.

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