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Thanksgiving holiday and alcohol: some road-related observations

Well, it's Turkey Day.

That of course means lots of things to millions of people. Kids cheer the school break. Football fans are hyped by the game-after-game reality marking the day. Family unity is cherished, as is, obviously, all that food. Reflection and thankfulness are both figuratively and literally on the table in legions of homes across the state.

If you're a "typical" North Carolinian, you've likely driven a bit prior to plopping down in your favorite Thanksgiving Day chair. AAA Carolinas estimates that nearly 1.4 million residents traveled at least 50 miles to celebrate the holiday.

Lots of motorists on state roadways, successive days off, and a celebratory mood ….

That mixed stew spells in some ways a five-alarm signal, say state safety officials and law enforcers.

And that's because Turkey Day is centrally associated with a collectively high consumption of alcohol. Reportedly, more people nationally die in DWI-related accidents on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year.

So, stay well out there.

And note this. For every person who is unquestionably over the legal BAC limit while behind the wheel, there are legions of other drivers who have imbibed far more judiciously.

During the entire Thanksgiving holiday period, those drivers -- all drivers -- will be under a veritable microscope when out on state roads, with their likelihood of being stopped by North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers or other police officers for any number of alleged infractions being disproportionately high.

State officials have made that clear, noting that increased checkpoints and saturation patrols will be on display throughout the holidays.

Many drivers experience unwanted interactions with law enforcers during the Thanksgiving break and other holiday periods, with some of those encounters yielding arrests and criminal charges.

When that turns out to be the case, and a detained motorist needs legal help, a proven criminal defense attorney with a deep well of experience in DWI cases can investigate and provide diligent representation aimed at mitigating an adverse outcome to the fullest extent possible.

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