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How DUI charges or convictions can affect an adult's life

When you are charged or convicted with DUI, your life stands to change in a wide variety of ways, some expected, others unexpected. So you can prepare better, here is a look at what has happened to many people in these situations.

If anyone was hurt

If any injuries occurred in an incident, moving on may be more difficult than usual. For instance, if you were hurt physically, you could face rehab and the prospect of having a certain body part never at full function again. If other people were hurt, you may have to deal with the emotional repercussions of any role you played in these injuries. Relationships may be strained.

If you are dependent on a vehicle

Many people rely on vehicles to drive to work, to transport their family members and to get to school. However, a vehicle seizure puts all of these activities in jeopardy. Even if the car is in another person's name, getting it back may be a complicated process.

If you need your driver's license

A driver's license is essential for many life activities. For instance, jobs such as truck driver require one, and if you use a vehicle to get around or to help transport others, the loss of your license can prove devastating. You could lose your job if public transportation is not an option. You could lose time with your children if you bond with them over drives to sporting events or if you are required to pick them up from the other parent's house.

If you are looking for work

As you search for jobs, some employers are not as understanding of DUI charges or convictions as others are. Plus, being on probation for a long time can cast a shadow over your professional life.

If you do jail time

Time in jail results from many DUI cases. Often, the length depends on if you have any history of DUI charges, but even at Level V, the most non-consequential level, the effects can be severe. For instance, the maximum jail sentence is 60 days. That is more than enough time to cost you a job and to fracture personal relationships.

The outcomes get more grave at Levels I and II; these include situations where drivers had children in the car, hurt someone or drove with a revoked license. Level I comes with a maximum term of two years in jail, and the minimum stay is 30 days and cannot be changed.

There is no doubt that a DUI charge or conviction can negatively affect your life in many ways. To minimize the chance of bad outcomes, it is a good idea to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

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