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Sex offenses in North Carolina: a starkly serious matter

You don't want to be arrested for or convicted on any criminal charge in North Carolina, obviously.

And that point certainly needs to be emphasized regarding a sex offense of any type.

Being targeted by criminal law authorities in North Carolina for a sex crime can do far more than mar your day.

In fact, and as we duly note on a relevant page of our website at the Law Office of Christopher Connelly in Charlotte, being investigated by state law enforcers for a sex offense "can ruin your reputation."

And that's not all.

Additionally, a sex-crime conviction in North Carolina can yield starkly adverse -- even draconian -- consequences, including serious prison time for a felony charge. Even if that outcome does not ensue, a sex offense can result in the levying of heavy fines and related penalties, probation, job loss, denied career and educational opportunities, closed doors from prospective landlords and a host of other negative exactions.

Like the requirement to register as a sex offender, for example, which we note is "a collateral consequence that can follow you for the rest of your life."

In a truly frightening way, some state residents are marked as deviant by officials investigating behavior construed as "contrary to the order of nature" by North Carolina statutory laws that are unquestionably antiquarian and subjective. Under such enactments, authorities can deem as criminal behavior between individuals that spans a truly wide universe of sexual activity.

The stakes are high, especially when enforcers have broad license to interpret various types of behavior engaged in by adults as abnormal and thus unlawful.

Our law firm provides knowledgeable and aggressive representation to persons accused of sex offenses in North Carolina, given their legal right to a defense and strong need to secure proven advocacy.

Our goal is unwavering in every case, namely, to negotiate a reduction or -- when possible -- an outright dismissal of criminal charges.

We welcome readers' questions and contacts to the firm regarding any aspect relating to a criminal charge or a strong defense strategy in response to one.

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