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Study underscores continuing effects of sex-offender registration

Upward mobility for registered sex offenders?

Candidly, the odds of that occurring are probably on par with any particular individual in the United States winning the national Power Ball lottery.

And the likelihood of a surge in positive prospects for a convicted and registered sex offender in North Carolina can reasonably be posited as especially bleak, given the state's unquestionable hard-ball stance toward such individuals.

We have noted state law regarding registered offenders in prior select blog posts. Our September 14 entry noted, for example, that "dire and long-term repercussions attach to any registered sex offender in North Carolina."

There is no dearth of empirical data to buttress that point. In fact, the research group Journalist's Resource points to "a study worth reading" on the matter that was recently published by a team of professors. Termed "Sex Offender Residential Mobility and Relegation: The Collateral Consequences Continue," the researchers' bottom-line conclusions include one very fundamental takeaway regarding registered sex offenders that emerges as acute and troubling.

And that is this: It is a rare exception for such an individual to have an opportunity to improve his (or her) living situation over time. In fact, a high percentage of sex offenders progressively move to so-called "socially disorganized neighborhoods" that are centrally marked by comparatively higher rates of joblessness, poverty, crime and so forth. This obviously does not serve them or the general public well.

That collateral and long-term consequences linked to sex-offender registration exist cannot be argued by any reasonable person, with it being a flat reality that offenders often face bracing challenges for many years -- sometimes a lifetime -- after they have satisfied all sentencing conditions related to their criminal charge.

That seriousness makes it an imperative for any person in North Carolina facing a sex crime-related criminal charge to secure prompt and knowledgeable help from a proven criminal defense lawyer. An experienced attorney will aggressively focus upon mitigating the adverse consequences of a criminal allegation to the fullest extent possible.

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