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Don't let a DWI/DUI charge make your Super Bowl super bad

You know what next Sunday is, right?

If nothing comes immediately to mind to jog your memory, just think of all-day-long analysis on football strategy delivered by scores of ex-jocks now in suits, leading up to the moment of kickoff in what is America's biggest sports day of the year.

Yes, next Sunday brings the Super Bowl, an annual national rite and excuse for a party that many millions of Americans will now be experiencing for the 51st time.

This year's lineup of key participants includes the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons, Lady Gaga headlining the halftime show and, oh, yes, legions of roving police patrols out on streets and highways looking to make a heightened number of arrests.

Leniency is not something you can expect to receive in North Carolina next weekend if you become one of the many motorists within the state to be pulled over after partying all day and watching the game with friends.

Or, alternatively, even if you've simply had one extra drink that arguably renders you less than optimally fit for behind-the-wheel engagement.

What will happen to you in the event that a police officer or Highway Patrol trooper arrests you for drunk driving is certain and unpleasant, with a list of downsides that is lengthy and onerous. As we note on a page of our criminal defense website at the Law Office of Christopher Connelly in Charlotte, they can include fines, a license suspension, a criminal record, jacked-up insurance rates, potential jail time and myriad other negative consequences.

A bad outcome can happen on any day of the year, of course. Notably, though, it can occur with increased frequency across the state on Super Bowl Sunday, when an especially high number of people out on state roads in a festive mood are coupled with a ramped-up police presence that is focused closely on their every driving move.

Enjoy the game. If necessary, get a ride home if that is necessary.

And consider contacting a proven DWI/DUI defense attorney without delay if you are stopped for suspected drunk driving. An experienced lawyer can fully safeguard your rights and aggressively represent you in a manner that seeks to mitigate potentially adverse consequences to the fullest extent possible.

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