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This is why criminal defense attorneys are serious about their work

We'll cut straight to the point regarding the above headline in today's blog post, with this response: People in North Carolina and across the country are accused by authorities every day of criminal behavior that they did not commit. Or, alternatively, there are extenuating circumstances surrounding their criminal charge.

The bottom line: Criminal suspects need knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense help, and there is sometimes no overstating how badly they need proven assistance to vet state's evidence, argue their case and resolutely push for an optimal result in the matter they are facing.

That was certainly true for Anthony Sanborn Jr., who is at the moment a free man, with expectations of remaining so.

That reasonable hope wasn't always entertained for Sanborn, who had spent the past 27 years in prison prior to being released on bail last month by a judge who says that Sanborn will likely have his conviction soon set aside on review.

That conviction was for murder.

And Sanborn, a teen at the time he was convicted, didn't do it.

The very witness who implicated him in court back in 1992 told a courtroom last month that she lied. In fact, her eyesight was so bad that she couldn't have seen what she said she saw.

And then there was this. The witness -- a young teen herself at the time -- said that she was heavily pressured by authorities to finger Sanborn.

In fact, she told the courtroom audience last month that, "They basically told me what to say."

Sadly, there's even more. A recent update to the story reveals that the lead detective in the case kept two boxes of original evidence in his home, "including material never before disclosed to Sanborn's defense team."

Sanborn's attorney says that much of that evidence "was exculpatory and absolutely and unequivocally should have been turned over."

It now has been, following decades during which Sanborn languished in prison. His attorney asserts that it provides "conclusive proof of some really bad behavior on the part of the state actors who handled this case."

The withheld evidence will now be presented to the judge handling Sanborn's post-conviction review, augmenting already compelling reasons for formally exonerating him in a matter where a just outcome was clearly marred by a tainted process and corrupt conduct.

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