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3 things you should know about Ecstasy

Many people think that so-called recreational drugs are no big deal. This is a mistake. While it may be easier to find such drugs and take them, this does not mean that the consequences are any lesser. This is certainly true of substances such as Ecstasy, which is a popular party drug taken by youth and many other demographics. There are a few things you should know about this drug.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 13 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 have used Ecstasy. Other research, however, suggests that these numbers are on the rise. If you or your child has encountered legal trouble as a result of this drug, an attorney may be able to help. 

It goes by many names

It can get confusing to keep track of information when people use several terms interchangeably to name a certain drug. Ecstasy includes a number of different phrases -- you may also hear MDMA or Molly to refer to this substance. While different monikers might indicate slightly different formulations, they are generally synonymous.

It is not without danger

Another common misconception about Ecstasy is that it is a relatively harmless drug. While it may not cause damage like methamphetamines or heroin, it is still far from a safe experience. In some cases, Ecstasy use has preceded death, and there are a number of other unexpected side effects that users could suffer from.

There are legal consequences

Health consequences are not the only ones users are liable to face. Ecstasy is illegal, and law enforcement catching you with it will likely land you with possession charges at the very least. Trafficking and intent to distribute charges may follow, too. Ecstasy and law enforcement simply do not mix, so if you have had encounters with either, hiring a legal representative may be your best option.

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