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Factors that may affect driving privileges in North Carolina

Driving in any state is a privilege, and it is one that law enforcement may take away depending upon the circumstances. Receiving a DWI charge or an accusation of other traffic violations may put you in that boat.

Should you face such charges, it is important that you understand what is ahead. A few different factors may affect your driving privileges in North Carolina.

Suspension vs revocation

The North Carolina DMV breaks down the different factors of suspensions and revocations. In short, the state temporarily withdraws individuals' driving privileges under suspension, and they terminate them under revocation. To regain driving privileges under suspension, individuals must fulfill the requirements of the suspension. After a revocation, individuals may have to endure a hearing, and if they receive favorable judgments they may re-apply for their driver's license once they meet the requirements of the suspension.


A DWI offense in North Carolina comes with steep penalties. Those individuals who the courts find guilty of this crime face suspension of their license for up to one year for the first offense. Any additional offenses within a year of the first charge may carry longer suspensions. That is not the only way that individuals may lose their license due to a DWI. With North Carolina's implied consent law, those individuals who refuse blood alcohol tests after arrest may receive a license revocation for a year's time.

Death by vehicle

When individuals accidently cause the death of another party while driving, they may face license suspension or revocation, depending upon the conviction. If the cause of the incident is due to reckless driving, the convicted individual may receive a license suspension for a year. On the other hand, individuals may lose their driving privileges for good if they cause the incident while intoxicated.

These are just a few of the main factors that affect driving privileges in North Carolina. If you face any traffic charges, take the time to fully understand what the charge may mean for you.

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