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May 2018 Archives

"Ghost" cars will now be used to prevent drunk driving

Impaired driving is a serious issue across the United States, and many regional and state authorities have tried different tactics to address the issue. In North Carolina, State Highway Patrol officers have adopted a new tool to help them combat drunk driving in the state. These new low-key vehicles, known as "ghost" patrol cars, were unveiled in April 2018.

Summer camp owner facing charges for sex crimes

With summer approaching, many parents in North Carolina are likely looking for summer camps or other activities for their children to participate in during their break. These parents typically like to assume that their children will be safe in any environment, and that their children will experience the joy and fun they expect. However, a Charlotte man and co-founder of a local summer camp faces serious criminal charges regarding sex crimes he allegedly committed against children in his care.

Top 10 Mistakes

Going to court without a lawyer is like going to the hospital without a doctor. Here are some top mistakes that smart, well-intentioned people make :

3 ways to keep your criminal record clear

Facing criminal charges is a terrifying prospect for a number of reasons. As you consider trial and incarceration, you doubtlessly want to do everything within your power to avoid a conviction and keep your future intact. A conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life and make it difficult to find employment, obtain housing or pursue other opportunities you may be interested in.

Ignition Interlock

DMV must not issue a license to a person subject to the statute until presented with proof of the installation of an ignition interlock system in all registered vehicles owned by the person. DMV may determine a waiver of the ignition interlock requirement under the family‐member exception on a case‐by‐case basis following an assessment of financial hardship to the person subject to the restriction.

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