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Court House Myths

'I got a PJC, so that's a dismissal, right?"

No, a PJC is a Judgment Continued after you have plead guilty. It is not a dismissal.

"Cooperation is good for the judge and the DA to see"

Not if it's a confession or admission. Being politely uncooperative is best.

"I'm guilty so I will ask for mercy"

The judge will be a merciful as the law, and their inclination, allows. That may mean a conviction, and it may mean jail time. Better for them to not find you guilty so you don't have to rely upon the law's sense of mercy.

"Getting a lawyer will make me look guilty"

No, it will make you look smart, like you take your case seriously, and you won't want to get played by the system.

"I'm not guilty so I don't need a lawyer"

You are charged with a crime. Someone believes that there is enough evidence against you. The criminal justice system is probably not going to just take your word for it that there is not. That is like saying "I have a healthy lifestyle, so I don't deserve to be sick, so I won't get a doctor"

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