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Reclassification of Offenses

Effective December 1, 2013, the following Class 1 or Class 2 misdemeanors are re-classified to Class 3 misdemeanors or misdemeanors to infractions:

G.S. 14‐106 (obtaining property for worthless check)

G.S. 14‐107(d)(1) (simple worthless check)

G.S. 14‐167 (failure to return hired property)

G.S. 14‐168.1 (conversion by bailee, lessee, etc.)

G.S. 14‐168.4(a) (failure to return rental property)

G.S. 20‐28(a) (driving while license revoked) except it remains a Class 1 misdemeanor if

the driver's license was originally revoked for an impaired driving revocation

G.S. 20‐35(a1) (failure to obtain driver's license before driving motor vehicle, 20‐7(a))

G.S. 20‐35(a1) (failure to comply with driver's license restrictions, 20‐7(e))

G.S. 20‐35(a1) (permitting person's motor vehicle to be operated by unlicensed person, 20‐34)

G.S. 20‐111(1) (driving vehicle on highway, or knowingly permit person's vehicle to be driven on

highway, when vehicle is not registered with DMV or does not display current

registration plate)

G.S. 20‐111(2) (display, possess, etc., registration card, title certificate, or registration plate

knowing it to be fictitious or to have been canceled, revoked, etc., or willfully display

expired license or registration plate on vehicle knowing it to be expired)

G.S. 20‐127(d)(1) (applying tinting to vehicle's window that does not meet window tinting


G.S. 20‐127(d)(2) (driving a vehicle on a highway or public vehicular area that has window not

meeting window tinting restrictions)

G.S. 20‐141(j1) (speeding either more than 15 m.p.h. or more than speed limit or over 80 m.p.h.)

G.S. 20‐313(a) (registered motor vehicle owner operating or permitting vehicle to be operated

without insurance)


G.S. 20‐35(a2) (failing to possess valid license while driving motor vehicle, 20‐7(a))

G.S. 20‐35(a2) (operating motor vehicle with expired license, 20‐7(f))

G.S. 20‐35(a2) (failing to notify DMV of address change for driver's license, 20‐7.1)

G.S. 75A‐6.1(c) (violation of rule governing navigational lighting adopted by Wildlife Resources


G.S. 75A‐13.1 (violations concerning skin and scuba divers)

G.S. 75A‐13.3(c3) (vessel livery that fails to provide basic safety instruction)

G.S. 75A‐17(f) (no‐wake speed violation)

G.S. 75A‐18(a) (violation of Article 1, G.S. Ch. 75A, except as otherwise provided)

G.S. 20‐176(a1) (failing to carry registration card in vehicle, 20‐57©)

G.S. 20‐176(a1) (failing to sign vehicle registration card, 20‐57©)

G.S. 20‐176(a1) (failing to notify DMV of address change for vehicle registration card, 20‐67)

G.S. 113‐135(a) (fishing without a license under G.S. 113‐174.1(a) and G.S. 113‐270.1B(a))

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