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13 people face drug charges following North Carolina raid

While individual drug charges occur across the country, larger-scale busts of organized operations are often most targeted by police. These busts often result in multiple drug charges that may be accompanied by accusations of violent crimes or illegal firearm possession. A recent North Carolina bust resulted in multiple people charged with crimes related to marijuana possession and distribution. A few of those arrested were also charged with possession of drugs, including cocaine, crack cocaine and heroine. Firearm charges and parole violations were also reported in this case.

The multitude of charges came as the result of a two-day joint operation, entitled "Operation Hammer Time" by police. The operation took place in the Happy Hill neighbourhood of the Rocky Mount area. Five search warrants were executed in relation to the operation. 

The first four warrants resulted in the seizure of 71.3 grams of cocaine and 2.12 pounds of marijuana. Seven firearms with 304 rounds of ammunition were also discovered. A fifth warrant executed at a location in the southern part of Rocky Mount resulted in the seizure of two stolen handguns and an ounce of cocaine. Multiple law enforcement agencies collaborated on the operation.

A total of 13 people were arrested on charges following the raids. Some of these individuals were face a single charge, such as parole violation or simple possession of marijuana. Others will face a longer list of charges, including one who was served with two outstanding orders for arrests. Those facing drug charges in North Carolina have a right to a lawyer and should work with one as soon as possible to support their defense.

Source:, "Firearms, drugs seized in NC's 'Operation Hammer Time'", April 30, 2018

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