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Drug charges filed re the so-called "meth highway"

Law enforcement often identify and patrol certain areas where they believe crimes are more likely to be committed. For North Carolina police, Interstate 85 has been dubbed the "meth highway" by police who say the road is frequented by drug traffickers. Recently, two people were arrested on drug charges that they were trafficking the drug along this route.

For the past three years, Interstate 85 has been patrolled for possible drug trafficking by law enforcement on federal, state and local levels. They say that methamphetamine bound for Rowan County often originates in Georgia. In this case, the seized drugs are suspected to have originated in the metro Atlanta area.

Police stopped the car suspected of carrying the drugs. They found 280 grams of methamphetamine and two plastic bags of marijuana, drugs they say were valued at $10,000. Police arrested the driver on drug charges. They also arrested one passenger who was found with one-half ounce of cocaine tucked into his waistband.

Police say that they have seen an uptick in methamphetamine across the state of North Carolina, with prices plummeting due to the supply coming from Georgia via I-85. They say this supply is typically manufactured in Mexico, then brought in by the pound and distributed across the United States through the highway system. For example, federal authorities seized 500 pounds of meth in the Atlanta area last month, hidden in Disney figurines. North Carolina residents who face federal drug charges related to the methamphetamine trade should contact a criminal lawyer to understand their charges and possible defense options.

Source:, "NC drug bust highlights 'meth highway' as I-85, officials say", May 24, 2018

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