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June 2018 Archives

Investigators of drug crimes may get instant access to database

The rise in prescription drug abuse has caused lawmakers across the United States to take action. In North Carolina, state legislators recently passed a bill that would give law enforcement personnel access to prescription drug records without a warrant. If approved by the governor, the bill could mean an increase in charges related drug crimes, fraud and prescription drug abuse.

New law would test backlog of North Carolina sexual assault kits

Backlogs in evidence testing and court wait times are a major issue in many state across the United States. In North Carolina, a bill designed to speed up the testing process on sexual assault kits is one step closer to becoming a law. If enacted, the law would establish a statewide tracking system of bodily evidence related to sexual assault investigations, known as "rape kits," and would require the testing of all those that are currently untested. 

The importance of understanding marijuana laws in NC

Many states have recently been getting on the marijuana reform bandwagon, whether legalizing recreational cannabis as Colorado and Oregon have done, or allowing it for prescribed medical purposes only like in Arizona and New York. However, in roughly half of the states, including North Carolina, the use of marijuana is still heavily penalized. Regardless of your position on cannabis use, you could face severe charges for using the drug.

Restraining order 50B dismissed and "victim" required to reimburse client for legal fees

Attorney Connelly defended his client's case showing that it was entirely frivolous. The end result was such that it was dismissed AND the so called "victim" was ordered by the court to reimburse our client for legal fees that she paid to defend her case.

New bills take aim at marijuana drug charges

Across the country, various states are taking steps to change the laws around marijuana for medicinal and even recreational use. The latest state to consider new laws around the drug is North Carolina, where the legislature is considering a pair of bills aimed at decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. If passed, the bill could mean fewer drug charges related to the substance in the state.

Drug charges filed re the so-called "meth highway"

Law enforcement often identify and patrol certain areas where they believe crimes are more likely to be committed. For North Carolina police, Interstate 85 has been dubbed the "meth highway" by police who say the road is frequented by drug traffickers. Recently, two people were arrested on drug charges that they were trafficking the drug along this route.

Groundbreaking Reinstatement of Gun Rights

In what appears to be the first in recent history, Attorney Chris Connelly fought to have the firearm rights restored for a client who been involuntarily committed to a mental health institution. The client had been briefly committed during a tough time in his life many years ago.  Nonetheless, this commitment barred him under NCGS 14-404 from ever possessing any firearm. Attorney Connelly fought for him by petitioning under NCGS 14-409.42 that he was no longer a danger to the community, showing that he had now been sober and healthy for many years, was a man of faith with many stable, supportive relationships, was gainfully employed and owned his own company. This type of petition had not been done in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County in anyone's memory so it necessitated collaborating with the court clerk's office to laboriously devise a procedure from the ground up to bring it to fruition. The Order restoring the client's right to bear arms was signed and the client looks forward to being able to protect himself and his family once again after being statutorily barred for so long.

Authorities pledge to crack down on crime with more drug charges

Authorities and lawmakers often try new initiatives to combat crime in their jurisdiction. In Eastern North Carolina, federal authorities are joining forces with state and local law enforcement in an effort to combat violent and drug crime in the area. Under the new initiative, called the Take Back North Carolina Initiative, federal prosecutors will be focused on filing drug charges across the eastern part of the state.

Durham changes policy on domestic violence protective orders

Although state law offers guidelines, the treatment of domestic violence cases by local law enforcement can vary from county to county. Although North Carolina law permits district courts the ability to issue civil protection orders when court is not in session, few counties offer "overnight" restraining orders. Durham County was one of the areas that used to offer civil domestic violence protection orders, but it recently chose to stop this practice. 

13 people face drug charges following North Carolina raid

While individual drug charges occur across the country, larger-scale busts of organized operations are often most targeted by police. These busts often result in multiple drug charges that may be accompanied by accusations of violent crimes or illegal firearm possession. A recent North Carolina bust resulted in multiple people charged with crimes related to marijuana possession and distribution. A few of those arrested were also charged with possession of drugs, including cocaine, crack cocaine and heroine. Firearm charges and parole violations were also reported in this case.

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