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Helping a loved one through a DWI

It can feel devastating to learn that a friend or family member is facing criminal charges for drunk driving. While you may initially feel some anger or disappointment, your main goal is to help your loved one recover. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do or say in a situation like this.

Thankfully, the person you love can get through this trial. Here are some ideas for how you can help someone you love deal with a DUI arrest.

Provide financial support

If you have enough funds, you may want to help financially. Dealing with a DWI charge comes with a lot of fines so you may consider helping ease your loved one of that burden. You may also want to think about posting bail so he or she does not need to spend time in jail.

Encourage legal help

As soon as you learn your friend is in a legal bind, you should tell him or her to get an attorney. DWI proceedings are often complex and if your friend is found guilty, he or she may face ramifications for years to come. A lawyer can help your loved one through the process. 

Recommend support groups or therapy

Chances are your friend may have a drinking problem if he or she gets a DWI. You may want to encourage him or her to attend support group meetings or try counseling. Even if your friend is not an alcoholic, he or she may be dealing with a lot of shame and depression after the arrest. Therapy can help him or her get back on track after this trying time. 

Avoid triggering situations

Your friend may need help avoiding alcohol in the future. If this is the case, be mindful. Do not invite this person out to social activities where there will be alcoholic beverages. Help your loved one avoid these situations so he or she does not get another DWI charge.

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