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3 things to do if someone you know gets arrested

It is distressing to learn that someone you know and love is in legal trouble. Whether you hear about an investigation, arrest or criminal charges, you may not know what to do. An arrest or sentencing may not only impact the life of the person you know, it could also have an effect on you.

During this difficult time, you may feel a lot of confusion and stress. It may seem like you have no control over the situation, but there are a few things you can do to help your friend or family member.

1. Gather important details

The most important thing to do is find out as much information about the situation as you can. If there is an arrest, find out where your loved one is being held, which may be a city, county or state jail or a federal prison. Once you find out where your loved one is, you can establish contact.

2. Make contact and maintain communication

Next, you can determine the rules regarding contacting your relative or friend. You may be able to:

  • Stay in touch via telephone
  • Send letters
  • Visit in person

The most effective way to provide support to someone in jail is to communicate and visit as much as possible. 

3. Ensure there is legal counsel

If someone you know is in trouble with the law, it is crucial for him or her to have access to an attorney. The outcome of an arrest can have a long-lasting impact on the person you know. However, a lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped or reduced. If your loved one does not have a defender yet, you may want to set one up. 

Getting the news that someone you know is in legal jeopardy can be distressing, but do not let it consume you. Take these steps to start making sense of the circumstances.

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