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How to avoid a DUI this holiday season

Numerous people travel to North Carolina every year for the holidays to see family and partake in some of the wonderful events around the state. Some of the events to see include Speedway Motor Christmas in Charlotte and Chetola's Festival of Lights. 

No matter what plans you have, you do not want to ruin this special time of year with a DUI. It is normal to drink at family get-togethers and events, but even if you only drank a little bit, then you need to avoid getting behind the wheel. North Carolina utilizes DUI checkpoints to catch drunk drivers, so you do not want to get on the road at all. 

Call a cab or Uber

After a night of drinking, you may need to get back to your hotel. It is best to leave your vehicle at the bar (making sure you ask management first) and instead get a taxi to take you to your hotel. Another option is to download the Uber or Lyft app on your phone. Either way, you merely need a responsible, designated driver to operate the vehicle so that you do not have to. 

Stay at a friend's place

In the event the drinking occurs at a friend's place, you should not feel embarrassed if you have to ask to spend the night. For those who host such parties, it is a good idea to offer a place to sleep so that no one feels compelled to drive. 

Never risk it

Some people believe they will be fine to drive as long as they only consume one alcoholic drink every hour. The problem with this "rule" is that it tends to be wildly inaccurate. Alcohol affects everyone differently, so you may still be over the legal limit even if you only drank once an hour. Cops will be particularly vigilant during the holidays, so it is best to avoid driving as much as possible. 

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