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North Carolina man accused of domestic assault, other crimes

The dynamics between a couple can be complicated. Even couples who may seem as if they have a perfect, conflict-free relationship often argue. Despite appearances, almost all couples experience some degree of conflict, but these relationships rarely include violence. However, a man in North Carolina now faces multiple charges as a result of an incident that police claim began as a domestic assault.

Woman charged with theft, larceny in North Carolina

People who work as home health aides are often placed in difficult situations. In some cases, they may be required to help their patients make purchases, for example, potentially placing them in a position in which they could be looked on with suspicion due to a transaction requiring a patient's own funds. In fact, three people who worked as home health care workers in North Carolina now face allegations of theft and larceny.

Drug charges follow neighbor complaint in North Carolina

Most everyone in North Carolina and across the country has likely experienced a circumstance in which they were annoyed with a neighbor. However, annoyance, or even suspicion of criminal behavior, is rarely sufficient to warrant police involvement. Despite this, a man now faces drug charges after police conducted a search of his home following a neighbor complaint.

What is disorderly conduct in North Carolina?

It is normal to have fun and maybe get a little rowdy with your friends. Whether you are hanging out at a bar, attending an event or even just walking down the sidewalk, things can sometimes get a little out of hand. If you or someone with you gets too rambunctious or disrespectful, the police may charge you for disorderly conduct.

Off-duty North Carolina police officer charged with DWI

Police officers in North Carolina are often willing to sacrifice a great deal -- including their own personal safety -- to protect others. Despite this willingness, their choice to enforce the law often leaves them facing additional scrutiny if they find themselves facing accusations of a crime. In fact, the news is reporting on an off-duty officer who was recently charged with DWI.

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