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How to get your record expunged in the Tar Heel State

When convicted of a crime, you may have many regrets. You may dislike having to disclose it on every application. As time passes, you may start to wonder if there is any way you can get that mistake off your record.

In North Carolina, expunction (another word for expungement) can wipe the slate clean. When wanting to clear your record, know that the process will take time and money.

North Carolina waitress accused of theft in alleged tip scheme

Many people in North Carolina and across the country try to support themselves by working as servers in the food industry. Unfortunately, wages are low, and servers are often left dependent upon their customers to provide them with tips. However, law enforcement officials believe that one server committed theft in a plan to obtain additional tip money.

Though the dates of the alleged crimes were not included in arrest warrants, the woman was arrested on a day in April. Police believe that the 25-year-old woman was purchasing prepaid Visa cards with her own money. Police say that she would then leave "extravagant" tips on the card even though she knew that the cards had insufficient funds to cover them.

Man faces drug charges, among others, in North Carolina chase

A confrontation with police officers is often nerve-wracking even if only a minor infraction has occurred. Unfortunately, when faced with such a predicament, many people may panic and react in a way that could make life more complicated for them. In fact, a man in North Carolina was recently arrested on drug charges -- among others -- after police say he led them on a chase.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened on a day in mid-April. Police claim that they noticed a driver pulling out of a parking lot onto a North Carolina road; the registration, according to reports, had been revoked. When officers attempted to pull over the driver -- later identified as a 27-year-old man -- they say that he fled. During the chase that allegedly ensued, the man is said to have driven through a yard before heading south in the northbound lanes of a North Carolina roadway.

A boating while impaired conviction becomes a public record

With the advent of warmer weather, thoughts turn to the pleasure of boating. Some people feel that out on the water there is more freedom for activities like having a few beers.

However, boating while impaired is a serious offense, and a BWI conviction will become part of your criminal record for anyone to see.

DWI, other accusations, follow North Carolina crash

Though a motor vehicle accident can happen for a variety of different reasons, it may be easy for law enforcement officials to make assumptions when an accident occurs at a certain time of day. For example, police may quickly assume that alcohol was involved in an accident that occurs during the early morning hours. In fact, a woman in North Carolina now faces multiple criminal charges, including DWI, after police claim she was under the influence at the time of a fatal accident.

The incident happened just after 3 a.m. on a day in March. According to reports, a 24-year-old woman and a 22-year-old motorcyclist was involved in a motor vehicle collision near an intersection. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital, but he died.

Criminal charges for DWI stem from head-on crash

After a car accident, authorities have a duty to investigate fully and apply the law as needed. In some cases, an investigation could result in police officers suspecting that alcohol or drugs played a role in the incident, and a driver could face criminal charges for DWI. If this happens, the accused person likely has a difficult path ahead.

One woman in North Carolina was recently taken into custody under such reported circumstances. Apparently, the woman was driving a vehicle west in the eastbound lane of a roadway. While allegedly traveling the wrong direction, the woman's vehicle collided head-on with another vehicle. The woman then reportedly tried to flee the scene of the accident, which took place around 11:30 p.m.

Alleged drunk driver deemed responsible for accident

A driver is likely facing charges after allegedly causing a car accident on Interstate 40 in Greensboro, North Carolina, according to local sources. The alleged drunk driver was involved in an accident that caused a tractor trailer to overturn on the highway. It is not clear whether the driver is in custody at this time or whether or not a criminal defense attorney has taken the case. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, around 4:30 a.m. on April 7, a driver believed to be intoxicated behind the wheel was traveling westbound on Interstate 40 East, headed the wrong direction into oncoming traffic. This caused a collision between the wrong-way car and an eastbound vehicle carrying a single driver. The force of the impact seriously injured both drivers, and each was taken to local hospitals by arriving medical personnel. 

Man charged with drunk driving in North Carolina after crash

All drivers face distractions when behind the wheel. While it is possible to minimize some distractions -- such as avoiding using a phone -- others, such as young children in the vehicle, cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, accidents can happen even to the most safety-minded drivers. Despite this, a man now faces multiple criminal charges after police in North Carolina accused him of drunk driving.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in late March. According to reports, the man was driving a sports utility vehicle when he allegedly crashed into a two-story brick building. Fire crews and EMS workers claim that the man was unconscious when they arrived at the scene; he was removed from the vehicle and transported to the hospital for treatment.

North Carolina man accused of domestic assault, other crimes

The dynamics between a couple can be complicated. Even couples who may seem as if they have a perfect, conflict-free relationship often argue. Despite appearances, almost all couples experience some degree of conflict, but these relationships rarely include violence. However, a man in North Carolina now faces multiple charges as a result of an incident that police claim began as a domestic assault.

The incident happened on a day in early March. Police officers reportedly received a report about a 49-year-old man who was trying to run over his wife and other bystanders with his vehicle. The caller is said to have reported that the man had a gun that he was pointing at his wife; however, the man reportedly left the scene before a sheriff's deputy arrived.

Woman charged with theft, larceny in North Carolina

People who work as home health aides are often placed in difficult situations. In some cases, they may be required to help their patients make purchases, for example, potentially placing them in a position in which they could be looked on with suspicion due to a transaction requiring a patient's own funds. In fact, three people who worked as home health care workers in North Carolina now face allegations of theft and larceny.

The most recent arrest involved a 52-year-old woman. Police say that the woman was an aide to a North Carolina woman. Law enforcement officials believe that from Feb. to May 2018, the defendant stole more than $11,000 from the woman. Reports claims she did this by using the woman's debit card.

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