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Court rules on long-term state tracking for sex crimes offenders

Sex offender registry laws can be the source of controversy, especially where tracking requirements are concerned. One organization, the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, has spent time challenging the ankle tracking devices that those convicted of sex crimes have previously been required to wear. The issue of whether this is constitutional or not was recently addressed by a North Carolina Court of Appeals, and the decision may have an impact on those tried for sex crimes in the future.

Woman on probation for sex charges allowed vacation

Multiple factors impact probationary restrictions, including an accused person's history, financial situation and alleged crimes. While many people awaiting trial on crimes in North Carolina are not allowed to travel out of state, one woman accused of statutory sex offenses has been given permission to travel to Florida over the summer. The decision comes after a plea deal for sex charges involving a former student.

New law would test backlog of North Carolina sexual assault kits

Backlogs in evidence testing and court wait times are a major issue in many state across the United States. In North Carolina, a bill designed to speed up the testing process on sexual assault kits is one step closer to becoming a law. If enacted, the law would establish a statewide tracking system of bodily evidence related to sexual assault investigations, known as "rape kits," and would require the testing of all those that are currently untested. 

Summer camp owner facing charges for sex crimes

With summer approaching, many parents in North Carolina are likely looking for summer camps or other activities for their children to participate in during their break. These parents typically like to assume that their children will be safe in any environment, and that their children will experience the joy and fun they expect. However, a Charlotte man and co-founder of a local summer camp faces serious criminal charges regarding sex crimes he allegedly committed against children in his care.

Sex crimes: Charlotte man charged with rape

A Charlotte man is the prime suspect in a number of sexual assaults that have occurred on local college campuses recently. Now, the 29-year-old suspect has also been charged with rape in connection with one of the incidents. Like this man, those facing charges for any types of sex crimes are well advised to seek experienced legal counsel in order to fight the formal accusations against them.

Federal judge mulls 'therapeutic polygraphy' as valid treatment

When an Assistant U.S. Attorney called for "therapeutic polygraph" treatments as a condition of a convicted sex offender's supervised release, one federal judge seemed reluctant. It resulted in a three-hour hearing.

Next stop for North Carolina offender's case: U.S. Supreme Court

Lester Gerard Packingham simply wanted to express his joy and thanks online back in 2010 for his dismissal of a traffic ticket. Most certainly, he never expected his Facebook post to end up as the focal point of a case to be initially considered by the U.S. Supreme Court next week.

Pedophiles and child molesters: Not always the same

Many people use the terms "pedophile" and "child molester" interchangeably. Sometimes, a person who is a pedophile is also a child molester. Many times, however, a person is only a pedophile or vice versa. Here is a look at the top reasons why.

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