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UNC freshman facing larceny charges after alleged jewelry theft

An incoming freshman football signee with the University of North Carolina has been arrested and charged with felony larceny after allegedly stealing more than $50,000 worth of jewelry and watches from an acquaintance. According to news reports on the story, the 18-year-old returned the items to their owner and turned himself in to the authorities. 

North Carolina man arrested and charged with theft crime

Two robberies occurred on Sept. 10 and two robberies occurred on Sept. 11 in Greensboro, North Carolina. A 30-year-old North Carolina man was arrested and charged with all four crimes, but later police identified a 20-year-old man, who they arrested on Sept. 21. The 20-year-old was charged with theft crime in connection with the robberies that occurred on Sept. 11 only.

North Carolina men arrested in property crime against Clemson U

Many sports fans know that though some superstitions regarding luck for teams may seem a bit silly, they are still sacred to the players, coaches and fans themselves. Some teams have rituals they carry out, special clothing they wear or important artifacts they may touch for luck. When one of these artifacts is damaged, it can cause great upset among thousands of people associated with the team. Currently, Clemson University is facing such turmoil after one of their iconic pieces was allegedly vandalized, and three North Carolina individuals are currently facing the stressful situation of being accused of a property crime.

North Carolina theft crime: Venus flytraps taken, reward offered

A North Carolina conservationist group is left confused after a theft crime of over 90 percent of the Venus flytrap exhibition. The group is currently offering a reward of $1,500 for the return of the plants or a tip on the whereabouts of the thief. The theft crime from the city property seems strange, but the Venus flytrap is a considerably valuable plant, valued around $20 per plant.

2 North Carolina men face property crime allegations

Two North Carolina men are in jail after being charged with more than 50 crimes each. The men are accused of committing crimes across the city of Cary. The property crime charges include possession of burglary tools, larceny, breaking and entering and felony conspiracy.

North Carolina theft crime: 2 women charged

Two women are accused of using two children to help them commit a theft crime. They have been arrested and are now facing several criminal charges in connection with the incident. Authorities believe the two may have used an eight and 10-year-old child to help them commit the theft crime against a North Carolina Walmart.

Charlotte arson case: 3 facing criminal charges for Goodwill fire

Three Charlotte area residents have been accused of involvement in a fire that occurred at a local Goodwill store. The fire was so severe that it closed the store for seven months. All three are now facing criminal charges in connection with the incident.

North Carolina man accused of theft crime after returning phone

A North Carolina man is facing theft crime charges after being accused of committing a home invasion. The man allegedly used a stun gun while robbing the victim. He was arrested for the theft crime after he reportedly returned to the victim's home.

North Carolina theft crime: Two teens face several charges

Two teenagers have been accused of a two-day crime spree involving a theft crime. Once police became aware of the boys and their alleged connection to area crimes, the charges against them began to mount. Should they be convicted on any of the multiple charges they face, their futures could be significantly impacted. The teenagers came under the suspicion of authorities when North Carolina police were contacted after a disturbance in a local shopping center. Both teens were detained while leaving the area after an alleged theft crime at a Target store.

Property crime at North Carolina cemetery leaves parents outraged

A small North Carolina community is outraged over a recent rash of grave vandalism. The property crime is the second incident reported at a cemetery in Gaston County. At least 42 markers sustained damage in the crime. Police report that the property crime damaged granite and marble tombstones in the cemetery. Authorities estimate that approximately $6,200 worth of damages occurred.

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